Is selling one of your new year resolutions? Here are a few tips to get ahead of the competition

Is selling one of your new year resolutions? Here are a few tips to get ahead of the competition – By Ana Hodge, Marietta Realtor with Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage

2014 is here, and the new year for many of us comes accompanied by a number of goals to accomplish. Let me ask you, is selling your home or moving part of your 2014 resolutions? If so, don’t delay and wait for the Spring to get here! There are plenty of little projects around your house that can help you get started adding some curb-appeal to your home.
Here are just a few of those that can be done during the cold months:

Clean out your flower beds. Get ready for the beautiful flowers that will come back later in the Spring by trimming any dead grass or plants in your flower beds and make sure they are presentable.

Trim branches. This is the perfect time to make sure that there are no low-hanging branches or shrubs that are blocking the view of your home. Remember, when potential buyers drive around your home,  you want them to be able to see the front of your house and get a clear view of the architectural elements.

Add some color to the front by planting in colorful planters. Even though it may be too cold for many flowers get creative and plant some seasonal plants in big colorful planters to add some wow-factor to your front.

– Start re-touching or re-painting the areas of your home that need your attention. You might be even able to get a better price for your painting projects this time of the year; so start looking at your house thru the eyes of any potential buyer and go ahead and repair the little things that you think could prevent someone from falling in love with your house.

Remember that in many cases the little things that you do before you list your home for sale will make a big difference in the amount of money you can net from the sale.


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